Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holiday in Beautiful Brixham

Brixham is a charming fishing village at the southern end of Torbay in Devon, southwest England. This is part of the English Riviera, with the towns of Torquay and Paignton, and is a popular tourist destination. Brixham has entertained many attractions and activities to visitors for a day, a weekend or extended vacation. Some of the attractions it has to offer holiday in Brixham:

Brixham Heritage Museum
The museum was founded in the 1950s to record and preserve the history of Brixham and its people.
He gathered some of the best collections of local history and offers interesting antiques, photos, maps, paintings and objects for centuries. The Golden Hind
Probably the most popular attraction in Brixham, this ship - it is a replica of the famous ship of explorer Sir Francis Drake.
Although there is only one copy, visitors can discover what life aboard a Tudor ship.

Berry Head Country Park
These are the animals Torbay vital to the site and in England from 200 nature reserves of national space.
It shows all sorts of rare and endangered plants and is also home to a variety of birds, bats, butterflies, dragonflies and butterflies. Berry Head is also the site of two Napoleonic War fortifications built in 1795-1806.

Greenway Ferry and Pleasure Cruises
It is the home of World War 2 ship Heritage - Fairmile and nine other sea and river boats and offers a wonderful boat trip, excursions and ferries in the English Riviera and the River Dart.
In 2010 Greenway Ferry visitors quality was excellent attraction by Visit Britain.

The Deep Exhibition
This attraction is geared primarily to children under 16 years and is a unique adventure water sports.
It allows children the opportunity to learn about life under water in the middle of a fun environment. Elberry Cove.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holiday in Torquay with Five Star Hotels

Torquay is a popular tourist destination in the region of Torbay, Devon, South West of England. It is located south of Exeter and the North of Torbay and Plymouth. Originally known as a fishing and farming, developed to keep Torquay in a fashionable seaside resort with more activities, attractions, shops and restaurants for tourists more than satisfied. Around all the tourists, there are several accommodation options available in Torquay - luxury hotels, boutique hotels, villas, apartments, houses, guest houses, caravan, camping and cottages. Here are the best luxury hotels in Torquay have been five star rated by Visit Britain.

Hotels Berburry
This is a charming Victorian, detached, which is set in an elegant setting, and offers traditional service standards.
The hotel has nine Berburry spotlessly clean en-suite bedrooms and is located 10 minutes from the sea

Kingston House
This is an award-winning guest house situated 10 minutes from the sea, five-star property offers reasonable prices. The hotel rooms are fully equipped with all amenities such as TV, radio, Wi-Fi and fax equipped.

Fields of heather
The five-star bed and breakfast hotel has recently undergone renovation and has a range of quality accommodation and modern luxury. In addition to the bed and breakfast concept Briarfields holiday offers charming cottage for business travelers.

Carlton Court
This is a luxurious five-star guest house in a quiet residential area of ​​Torquay, a short walk from the sea is a Victorian villa in its own garden and offers its customers the comfort and privacy and all modern
in each room.

The Somerville
The hotel is located in Torquay and offers excellent quality in a boutique hotel.

The Marstan
It is a beautiful boutique Victorian villa in a quiet beautiful conservation.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Costa Rica is extremely rich in species, yes, he is one of the top 20 countries of the world in terms of biodiversity. The climate and geography of geotropically varied so that different types of species can be supported. There are different types of forests, marshes, beaches, lagoons, and more. Each can earn a few other species of flora and fauna. Although it is not a large country, Costa Rica is home to about 500,000 of the species, with more than 300,000 of them are insects.

Blue Quetzal
The Blue Quetzal, Quetzal is also known as beautiful and legendary in the North and South America, appearing in ancient myths.
Although sometimes called a quetzal blue feathers are iridescent and appear either blue or green, depending on the light.

Adult birds weigh just.2 kg and are slightly more than 25 cm in length.
The man has a long streaming tail measuring up to 76 cm during the breeding season of birds. The long tail is a part of what helps to attract males. Male and female green feathers on their bodies as breasts with red. However, the female is more subdued colors. The males have longer tail feathers are not only the heads and egrets.

These birds are mainly fruit eaters, especially lawyers.
However, they also eat frogs and insects on occasion. They are generally exempt for their own at the coupling as they live in couples or small groups. The best time is in Costa Rica on the ground between December and June To help the protected forests in the country for bird habitat, making it easier for them to live and reproduce. Cane toad or cane toad
In Costa Rica, the giant toad at altitudes up to 1600 m.
It happens to be a nocturnal amphibian is the largest in Costa Rica and one of the largest in the world. Females are larger than males, can be up to 1.3 kilograms and are 90 to 230 mm in length.

Besides its size, it is also observed for triangular with large poison glands on both sides of the neck.
The edges of the head and bones there are warts anywhere on the skin. The toad is brown and olive green to a white belly with brown spots.

It will eat small vertebrates like lizards, frogs and rodents.
If necessary, it will eat the plants, fruit, cat food or dog food. It has even been known to eat small animals like cats.

Adults are much more toxic, with enough venom to kill large animals, although some are still trying.
The toads are also capable of taking this poison on the attackers.

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