Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tour at Unusual Peru Culture

Most people think of Peruvian culture as synonymous with the Incas and Machu Picchu. However, there were civilizations in Peru before the Incas arrived, as seen in the north to the impressive archaeological sites of Lima.

Of course, after the Incas, the Spanish colonial period was responsible for the face of the Peruvian culture again.
The visitors missed a large part of the country's history if they focus only on the Inca heritage.


One of the oldest civilizations of Peru was the Chavin, the period from 1500 to 300 BC. Civilization has its name from Hapay, a former site in the far north of the Andes from Lima, who named a World Heritage Site.

Is a big part of the study was conducted on the site, it shows a center for ceremonial activities.
By merging the two rivers, it is assumed that the convergence of natural and cosmic forces. Site decline began around the same time the decline of high culture Chavin, between 500 and 300 BC.

The site is really solid, including structures built in different phases of their history.
The main points of interest are the Plaza Circular, the old temple and the new Temple. The temple contains a number of obelisks and monuments with carvings of jaguars and alligators that such forms.


The Moche culture came after the Chavín about a year and 700th One of the largest representations of culture is to the east of Chiclayo, where the graves were found important in 1987. Before the discovery of these tombs, much less was known about this culture as the tombs were looted before found. In the tombs in this jewel of the site, art and masks were found.

The pieces were discovered in the tombs restored in Germany and are now on display at the Museum of Lambayeque Bruning in the vicinity of the grave.
Besides, the museum also houses items from other cultures of northern Peru, which pottery and jewelry really impressive.

To learn more about the Moche culture, it is also worth a trip to sites near Trujillo. The Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, Moche two huacas pyramid used in rituals. El Brujo complex, north of Trujillo, is another archaeological complex of touch.

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