Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clear Vision for the 2011 Season in Europe

Increasing number of Europeans enjoy their holidays with 68% of EU citizens travel for personal reasons in 2010, compared with 65% in 2009. The results of a new Euro-barometer survey on Europeans' attitudes to tourism confirm other indicators of tourism recovered from the economic crisis. Orientation tendency to more traditional tourist destinations (58%), while 28% to explore new destinations. Vice President of the European Commission has today approved the € Tajani barometer tourism stakeholders conference, organized by the Hungarian Presidency and the European Commission in Budapest.

Vice President Tajani, responsible for Enterprise and Industry, said: "The fact that 58% of EU citizens who want to enjoy their holidays in Europe, explained that generally, the tourism industry is on the road to recovery and the growth of the industry again. "

Trend to explore further into Europe and the countries of origin: In 2011, plan 58% of Europeans who spend their holidays in their own country or in other European countries ..
The increasing demand for travel: travel for almost three quarters (73% vs. 69% last year) for EU citizens or a business trip in 2010. The first five people living in Finland (89%), Denmark (87%), the Netherlands, Sweden (87%), Luxembourg (85%) and Norway (84%).
"Local attraction" of questions: 32%, it named as the most important criterion in choosing vacation destinations, followed by the "cultural heritage" (27%) and "entertainment options" (14%).

Arrange individual holidays: More than half of EU citizens have their main holiday season in 2010 (57%), which still organizes popular in the candidate countries, Turkey (80%), Iceland (79%) and Croatia (78%)!
More than 30,000 randomly selected citizens aged 15 and older were in February 2011 in the 27 EU member states plus Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia surveyed. This is

The European Commission has such a survey, conducted annually since 2008 to monitor the trip short and medium term development of tourism and its citizens. This allows both the Commission and its stakeholders to respond to changes in tourist demand, thus constitute an essential tool for tourism policy making and planning of the tourism industry, in particular about the types of tourism and prevailing on the destinations.

The growth in 2010 to about two-thirds of the decline in 2008 and 2009 for a total nights spent nights and offset non-residents. The number of nights spent by residents, which was less affected by the crisis, a record level in 2010.